At the Water's Edge, Inc.

John  Taopier

Hi.  I've been diving for most of my life.  I cannot imagine being limited to dry land.  The quiet, and peace and weightlessness of SCUBA diving  are a great joy.  Hunting lobster - mano a mano - is a fine way to relieve stress.  It almost does not matter if we do not actually catch any.  Notice, I said almost!  There are a wide variety of other activities for us to enjoy beside hunting - exploration, photography, even ice diving!   It is a constant puzzlement to me that everyone does not become a diver.  Oh well, that's their loss!  All the more to enjoy for us, the fortunate few.

I started diving while in the army, in Hawaii.  I still remember my first SCUBA dive (doesn't everyone?)  It was raining lightly, the surface above us, was like a molten stained glass window - flowing blue, green and purple; the fish were a rainbow and the dive was sooo short!  After a few years and returning to Massachusetts, I started to help out at SCUBA classes, and in 1976 became an Instructor.  That was a few thousand students ago.  Now I, along with my dive partner, Bert McCasland have become Course Directors.  This means that we can teach more Instructors.  I think that we are pretty good at it, but I am prejudiced.  We have several more Instructors now and all want to help you to dive!

Our store started as a "what if," then moved on to "we can do it better," and then into reality.  Very few shops have the variety of gear or amount of stock waiting for you.  Stop in for a visit.  You might find a bargain, or something you just have to get.  If you do not, that's fine, too.  We all love to chat.  We can talk about diving, equipment, or the price of cheese in China.  I hope that we become good friends.